At the San Diego Workforce Partnership, we are redefining workforce development. We believe in the power and dignity of work and understand that an integrated approach is the key to empowering individuals to attain durable self-sufficiency and businesses to create a stable workforce.

The future of work is upon us. We are reimagining workforce development to keep pace with a rapidly changing, skills-based economy in order to achieve the highest levels of personal and economic impact for our community.

Workforce development isn’t confined to a search for a job or talent. It’s baked into the community, the classroom, and the home as we recognize the importance of what comes before, after and with securing a great career and solving a business need.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed. And when more people have access to the resources they need to do so, our economy and community are stronger.

Our strategic pillars:

Our Initiatives:

For Businesses

High Road Kitchens
Layoff Transition Services
On-The-Job-Training (OJT)

For Job Seekers

Expanded Subsidized Employment
Reentry Works San Diego
Supported Employment/Work Well
Income Share Agreements
Construction Career Jumpstart
School Break Externships
Southeastern San Diego Live Well Program