Helping Individuals Retain Employment (HIRE) serves Black young adults ages 16–24 in San Diego County who are not in school and are experiencing barriers to employment. The YMCA of San Diego County is eager to connect you with education and employment services to help you choose and pursue a career pathway.

HIRE supports participants by providing guidance and exposing you to in-demand career sectors. While enrolled, you will have a chance to attend workshops, events and trainings, receive one-on-one support with program staff and participate in mentorship opportunities.

Services offered may also include paid work experience or internships in your chosen career field. Participants will also have access to additional programs to assist with housing instability, basic needs and career counseling.

For more information or any questions, email or call (619) 319-WORK (9675).

Who It's For

  • Ages 16–24
  • Identifies as Black
  • Not in school
  • Unemployed or underemployed
  • Identifies having a barrier to employment and/or low income

This program offers help:

  • Deciding what career is right for me
  • With starting school or a certificate program
  • Finding a temporary job or internship
  • Finding a long-term job
  • Connecting with a mentor

How to Apply

Complete the application to begin enrollment. It usually takes 10–15 minutes to complete. After submission, our team will contact you about next steps.

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