San Diego’s Racial Equity Gap: How We Got Here

September 16, 2020

City of San Diego redlining map

The history of systemic racism in America—and San Diego in particular—has created a regional economy in which people of color do not have access to the same opportunities as white San Diegans. As a result, even controlling for age, gender and education, Black San Diegans make $10,500 less than their white peers.

We can create a robust future for our national workforce—if we act now

August 10, 2020

San Diego Workforce Partnership logo

In this unprecedented time, the national workforce development system needs $15 billion to deliver the array of services, consistent with investments proposed in the ‘Relaunching America’s Workforce Act’. This national investment will ensure that we can respond quickly and comprehensively to the current and projected demands for our American workforce to help those who have lost their jobs because of this extraordinary crisis.