Employers must create space for authenticity at work

July 22, 2021


“Looking back at my own experience, showing up to interviews and jobs with only fractions of my authentic self was a disservice to me and my potential employer. Having personally experienced the limitations of professionalism in my own life, I find myself wondering how many others have only partially shown up in the workplace. And in doing so, what inventions, leaders and brilliant ideas have never been able to serve humanity?”

Celebrating San Diego’s LGBTQIA+ workforce champions

June 8, 2021

San Diego Pride

June is Pride Month. Pride Month commemorates the ongoing pursuit of equal justice for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community and celebrates the accomplishments of LGBTQIA+ individuals. At the San Diego Workforce Partnership, we’re celebrating by highlighting a few community members who are also champions of workforce development.

Employee ownership: A good-for-business tool that creates equity and opportunity for workers

May 26, 2021


At the San Diego Workforce Partnership, we believe employee ownership should be a topic of conversation among San Diego business owners, workers, philanthropists and government as we work together on an inclusive and equitable recovery.

Becoming a financial activist for racial justice

April 21, 2021

Financial Activist For Racial Justice.thumb

A racial reckoning has been set off by the killings of Elijah McClain, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Daunte Wright and many more Black Americans. This demands an urgent examination of the systems that lead to and perpetuate inequity in our society. The financial system, and our own money habits within that system, should also be placed under the microscope.

Women’s History Month: 10 women making history in San Diego

March 8, 2021


March is Women’s History Month! Women’s History Month was enacted celebrate the contributions women have provided and to recognize the specific achievements women have made over the course of American history in a variety of fields. At the Workforce Partnership, we’re celebrating by highlighting a few women who have contributed to the advancement of San Diegans specifically.

The quiet struggle: Leaving a job I love to care for my family and mental health

February 24, 2021


The struggle to maintain mental health is a universal experience in the American workplace. Before the pandemic, one in four American workers had been diagnosed with depression and one in three reported having experienced some form of depression. This is even more relevant in this current crisis.

The Black workforce heroes who shaped today’s world of work

February 1, 2021


The history of work in America is a long and complex one. From the industrial revolution onward, work has shaped every aspect of our lives, including housing, education, economic mobility and food security. A significant, but often overlooked, population in this history are the Black workforce activists.

Supporting women and mothers in the workplace

January 27, 2021

Working At Home Mom

By Shaina Gross, Director of Programs; Research by Daniel Enemark, Ph.D., Senior Economist @danielenemark Tweet this article U.S. women lost 156,000 jobs last month, while men gained 16,000.  When I first read this startling statistic from CNN on my social media feed, my hopeful heart said that can’t be true. Which was immediately followed by

The nexus of systemic racism, criminal justice and economic opportunity

December 3, 2020

Side View Of African American Prisoner Reading Book

The evidence of racial bias in our criminal justice system is overwhelming. But it is critical that we reflect more on the interrelation of racism in our justice system and the impacts that reverberate out to our economy and workforce that have lasting consequences for our society.

Discarding ageism to harness the experience of older workers

November 17, 2020

Portrait Of Auto Mechanic Senior Man With Face Mask At Auto Repair Shop

Many Americans are working well past the traditional retirement age of 65, into their 70s and 80s. Over the coming decade, workers 55 years and older will be the fastest-growing segment of the workforce, gifting our communities with the opportunity to learn and grow from their years of professional experience.

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