The San Diego Workforce Partnership analyzes workforce trends, in-demand jobs, career pathways, high-growth sectors and economic inequality to help job seekers chart their career paths, businesses attract and retain talent, and to inform community leaders’ planning and investment strategies to build an inclusive, prosperous regional economy.

Explore our tools:

  • Local Jobs Numbers: See the numbers and read expert analysis on the most up-to-date jobs numbers and trends in San Diego County.
  • Priority JobsCheck out the 72 jobs in San Diego County that pay at least 90% of workers $16 an hour or more, provide at least 63 openings a year and are projected to grow by at least 6.5% annually.
  • Priority Sectors: Explore the economic sectors in San Diego County that provide at least 10,000 positions in the 72 priority jobs.
  • Reports: Our research team dives deep into topics that advance our strategic plan.
  • Posters and Printouts: These tools help schools, nonprofits, and other partners spread the word about the growing jobs in San Diego.

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