Quality jobs produce outstanding outcomes for businesses and their frontline workers. We’re here to help you fill those roles with qualified local talent and harness the benefit of attracting a workforce that reflects the communities they are anchored in.  

Our career center network is the access point for thousands of job seekers each year to obtain training and employment support. This talent pool tends to go unseen in traditional hiring practices and recruitment methods. Partner with us to promote your jobs, access prescreened candidates and connect with potential applicants via hiring events and employer panels. 

Participate in a hiring event 

We offer a variety of hiring events, worked-based-learning opportunities and employer panels to connect employers with job-ready talent pools and link job seekers with employers hiring for in-demand jobs. 

Events can be held in-person or completely virtual. We’ll work with you to determine the best format for your hiring needs.  

Past event examples include Workshop: Activate Employee Voice to Become an Employer of Choice, Small Business Day and Lender Fair and Hiring Event with MarSell Consulting 

Email business@workforce.org to learn about upcoming hiring events and register to participate. 

Post an open position  

Open positions are published on our job board, providing additional exposure to your opportunities, pre-screening candidates and sharing those that are a match for your business’s needs.   

Help your business stand out and attract high-quality candidates 

Strategic shifts in the way employers share information about open positions and employee benefits can make a significant difference in hiring outcomes. Our business engagement team consults employers on job quality frameworks, advises on skills-based job descriptions, and provides labor market data for wage benchmarking.  

Explore the tools below for self-service upgrades to your current recruitment practices:  

Formula for job quality: Creating and growing quality jobs is essential to our community. This is about providing families with the benefits of their labor and giving them the opportunity to achieve a higher quality of life and prosperous future. Also see: Job Quality Indicators 

Current California salary and wage transparency requirements: Ensure your company is meeting California’s job posting salary requirements. 

Skillful.com: Employers can use these tools to design skills-based recruitment practices.  

Tax Credits for Hiring

The Worker Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a program that provides up to $9,600 in federal income tax credits to employers as an incentive to hire individuals from specific populations. 

Qualified employees include those who have traditionally faced barriers to gaining or sustaining employment or have other special employment needs. Example qualified demographics include wounded warriors, summer youth hires and justice-involved individuals.   

The tax credit is wage-based and is calculated based on wages paid in the first year of employment, to qualified hires who have worked a minimum of 120 hours.  

The Workforce Partnership can support your business in outsourcing the administrative burden of claiming these credits, while maximizing returns by referring applicants who are likely to qualify for them. The cost of administration is a small percentage of income tax credits identified and there are no upfront costs. Contact us to learn more! 

If you prefer to capture these tax credits independently rather than outsource the administrative work, review the WOTC Fact Sheet for resources.