Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means a reason for being. Learn how to apply it to your career journey.


“What we do for work is much more than simply a job, or a career path. Our work is central to who we are, what we value, and what we choose to do with our lives. Our focus is to support everyone on their career journey to know which jobs are out there and how to acquire the skills and experience needed to achieve career goals. Careers are a choice. We are here to help. Let us know how we can support you in your journey.”

—Peter Callstrom, CEO

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Sarah Burns

Director of Research Application

Peter Callstrom

President and CEO

Jon Carr

Operations Manager

Cynthia Centeno Garcia

Compliance Manager

Stephen Colón

Senior Manager of Integrated Services

Tracy Eckard

Manager of Programs

Sara Fox

Senior Manager of Career Center Services

Tabatha Gaines

Director of People & Culture

Shaina Gross

Vice President of Client Services

Andy Hall

Chief Impact Officer

Melanie Hitchcock

Manager of Regional Initiatives and Operations

April House

Chief Operating Officer

Kai Jackson

Director of Finance

Rachel Merfalen

Director of Business Services

Shannon Moran

Chief Information Officer

Parina Parikh

Vice President of Sector Initiatives

Alistair Penny

Manager of Income Share Agreements

Andrew Picard

Executive on Special Assignment

Desiree Roughton

Director of Marketing & Communications

Angel Stancer

Manager of Business Partnerships

Kristen Walker

Adult Programs Manager

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