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January 9, 2019


At our Workforce Frontiers Symposium in November, local leaders and out-of-town renegades came together to be inspired and identify new frontiers for action in workforce development. UCTV captured the action. See below for three highlights or watch the whole event if you’re after a big dose of new year can-do-better spirit.

1. Income Sharing Agreements

Andy Hall, COO of the San Diego Workforce Partnership, talks about our first-in-the-country foray into income sharing agreements, where employers, philanthropy and impact investors fund an individual’s training or education, which the student pays back in payments based on a percentage of income over a set period of time.

2. Making Workforce Dollars Work

According to Caroline Whistler, CEO and cofounder of Third Sector Capital, public funding arrives in silos with lots of restrictions that sometimes miss the point for people who need help. The Workforce Partnership is refocusing on outcomes that matter through creative pay-for-performance contracting and braided funding with partners.

3. The Intersection Between Workforce Development and Child Care

Journalist Dita Quiñones sits down with Workforce Partnership Director of CLIMB Laura Kohn to share about experience her as a single working parent. As her story lays bare, working and child care go hand in hand, yet our systems operate in isolation…until recently.

Watch the whole event

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