To empower job seekers to meet the current and future workforce needs of employers in San Diego County.


Every business in our region has access to a skilled workforce and every job seeker has access to meaningful employment. Our community will view us as the leader for innovative workforce solutions, which add great value to our region.


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Workforce Development for the
San Diego Region

The San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP) funds job training programs that empower job seekers to meet the current and future workforce needs of employers in San Diego County. We are the local Workforce Development Board, designated by the City and County of San Diego.

Building a Strong Workforce

Together with community partners, SDWP provides targeted employment services designed to help eligible adult job seekers identify, or regain, a career that will promote their success. Additionally, SDWP’s six career centers provide employment services, including career assessment, job training and job search assistance for San Diego residents whether unemployed or employed. Housed within the career centers is a Business Services team comprised of professionals who work directly with employers to meet their specific staffing needs at no cost.

Training Our Future Workforce

SDWP funds youth programs that provide work-readiness training to youth from low-income households as well as youth who are at risk of dropping out of school. The goal is to prepare young adults for high school graduation, post-secondary education and, ultimately, a career. SDWP also administers youth employment programs CONNECT2Careers and the Life Sciences Summer Institute.

Studying Regional Data

SDWP serves as a vital source of information on the region’s labor market. The Research Department is the go-to expert on workforce trends, in-demand occupations and high-growth industries in San Diego County. SDWP Research produces in-depth industry reports and other products that focus on key workforce topics and trends. This data informs job seekers, career counselors, trainers and educators about what employers are looking for in the current and future labor force.

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