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February 4, 2022

Rebecca Beyene is completing the user experience (UX) design certificate through the Workforce Partnership’s Income Share Agreement (ISA) program. With newly gained confidence and a new skillset, she was looking for experience in the field so she enrolled in TechHire. She shared her experience with us–what she liked, learned and what advice she has for others who are considering TechHire.  

Rebecca Beyene Headshot

I was recovering from some health issues and was struggling to find career direction. I talked to my disability advisor, she’s a gem, and once I explained what was going on and we talked about what I wanted, she recommended the Income Share Agreement program.  

I was always interested in a lot of different things for work. I have worked in entertainment and I like it, but I also like website design and I have some marketing experience in a freelance capacity. In fact, I originally indicated that I was interested in the digital marketing Income Share Agreement option but after talking about my interests and long-term goals with one of the ISA career navigators, they thought UX was a better fit for me. So, I went out and did my research. I had done a little coding, shout out to the MySpace days, but had never considered it as a career since I didn’t know what UX actually entailed. But it’s been a great fit.  

I like that UX is more than just coding; it’s psychology and design as well. It works really well with social media, marketing and entertainment as well.

While in the ISA program, I wanted to get some more experience, so I got connected to TechHire. It’s a paid opportunity which is rare and it’s flexible enough that I can still work or go to school. 

Every step of the way, the staff have been so supportive. Yadira was my career navigator and I have nothing but good things to say about her. She really helped boost my confidence and she took the time to understand me and what I wanted instead of just throwing out random suggestions. The regular check-ins were really helpful too. Sometimes I can get a bit lost and buried in my work, so the accountability was helpful. 

Because of my health issues I had a gap in my resume and TechHire helped me to get back out there. Not only did I get the experience I wanted, but I also got job search support. Applying and interviewing for jobs has changed since my last job search, so I did some mock interviews and I think they helped me land my full-time job.

Life happens and sometimes we need help to get back on our feet. For anyone considering TechHire—do it. Especially if you’re in a transition phase or you’re looking for experience. TechHire is a great, non-threatening way to dip your toes into the pond. 

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