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Why Income Share Agreements?

ISAs are an opportunity to provide education that advances careers to San Diegans who struggle to pay these costs upfront. We believe they are an equitable alternative to student loans that expand access to getting the skills needed to fill in-demand jobs.
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What are Income Share Agreements?

ISAs are an alternative financing option for students to get an education. There is no upfront cost, instead you agree to pay a fixed percentage of your income for a fixed period of time if you make at least $40,000. No income = no repayment.
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About the Program

We partner with UC San Diego Extension to offer 9-12 month certificate programs in high-demand, high-growth occupations. While you learn technical skills through the coursework, our team guides you through our job readiness road map to build the professional skills and tools that will launch your new career in tech.
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Student Stories

Ari Head Shot Squre
Ari Emdur
Business Intelligence Certificate

Prior to joining the Workforce ISA program, Ari worked as a stagehand and wasn’t getting the hours or pay he needed to support his family. His goal was to break into the tech industry, and through the ISA program he was able to do just that. He landed a job as a Configuration Specialist at MedImpact Healthcare, offering him a large salary increase and new career.

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Ellie Solorio
Front-end Development Certificate

Ellie worked in administrative roles but dreamed of becoming a web developer. She earned a Front-end Development certificate and developed a Github portfolio during the ISA program. With six months still left in her certificate program, she got a job at Petco as a web developer and started earning over $60,000 a year.

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Najie Wei
Business Intelligence Certificate

After losing her job in the real estate sector, Najie decided to earn a Business Intelligence certificate and pursue her interest in the tech industry. During the program (and a global pandemic), she found herself unemployed and experiencing homelessness. The ISA team helped her with finding short-term employment and housing. After graduating, the team introduced her to MedImpact, where she got a job as a configuration specialist earning over $48,000 annually.

Chris London
Chris London
Business Intelligence Certificate

Chris had worked at the San Diego Zoo for 14 years and without any formal education he found it very hard to advance in his career. Looking for ways to advance his career opportunities, Chris earned a Business Intelligence certificate through the Workforce ISA Fund. He landed a job as a Business Intelligence Analyst at Community Housing earning $14 an hour more than what he was previously making at the Zoo.

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