New Americans make San Diego’s economy work—now let’s make it work for them

October 21, 2020

Latina Nurse In Scrubs Looking Down

To address inequity, we must be willing to ask hard questions, make unpopular decisions and stand for what is right. Diversity is one of San Diego’s greatest strengths, yet people of color face dramatic inequities in our local education, employment, healthcare, banking and justice systems. Immigrants and English learners—over a quarter of San Diegans—face inequities tied to legal status, language fluency, skin color and religion. If our economy is to thrive, this cannot stand.

5 ways to create opportunity through work

January 2, 2020

Crowd at the workforce frontiers symposium

Our Workforce Frontiers Symposium in November brought together local leaders and out-of-town renegades to be inspired and explore the boundary-busting, outer reaches of workforce development. UCTV captured the new frontiers for action.

The Future of Work and the Immigrant Workforce

October 12, 2019

Woman Wears Yellow Hard Hat Holding Vehicle Part 1108101

We hear directly from advocates on the intersection and challenges at the center of the future of work and the immigrant workforce.