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January 2, 2020

Crowd at the workforce frontiers symposium

Our Workforce Frontiers Symposium in November brought together local leaders and out-of-town renegades to be inspired and explore the boundary-busting, outer reaches of workforce development. There we discussed many ways we can create opportunity through work for more San Diegans; here’s five of them:

1. Offer more income share agreements

Andy Hall, COO of the Workforce Partnership shares how income share agreements (ISAs) are creating sustainable workforce development financing using an outcomes-focused funding model.

2. Raise the floor and build the ladders

According to Mark Popovich, the Aspen Institute’s Director of the Good Companies/Jobs Initiative, quality jobs for parents have a powerful impact on their children’s future education attainment and future income. He advocates policy and regulatory changes that “raise the floor” and “build the ladders.”

3. Use policy to advance equity

Using an asset-based approach, Molly Bashay, state policy analyst for the National Skills Coalition, pointed out the strengths of ethnic and racial diversity in the workplace.

4. Bring data to the classroom

Workforce Partnership Director of Research & Evaluation Sarah Burns shared some latest research products, including a set of new priority sector posters and 2-pagers designed to connect the skills employers need with the strengths and interests that every individual possesses.

5. Recognize that immigrant integration is a social and economic imperative

Immigrant business owner Dyna Jones of First Promise Care Services and former refugee Rahmatullah Mokhtar, now a financial education coordinator at the  International Rescue Committee  sat down with Brooke Valle, strategy officer at the Workforce Partnership, to highlight the strength and resilience that refugees and immigrants bring to the country.

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