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December 28, 2016

The California Workforce Development Board has named the San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP) a high-performing Local Workforce Board. Among other criteria, a high-performing board:

  • Consistently meets or exceeds performance goals for serving adults, dislocated workers and youth
  • Takes into account the entire workforce training pipeline for the regional economy, including partners in K-12 education, career technical education, the community college system, other post-secondary institutions and other local workforce investment areas in its planning process
  • Demonstrates that the local planning process and plan are data driven, and that policy decisions at the local level are evidence-based
  • Invests in workforce initiatives that promote skills development and career ladders relevant to the needs of the regional labor market and high-wage industry sectors
  • Establishes a youth strategy aligned with the needs of the regional labor market and high-wage industry sectors
  • Creates a business service plan that integrates local business involvement with workforce initiatives

“We are honored to be designated among California’s high-performing Boards,” says Peter Callstrom, SDWP CEO. “It is a testament to our regional collaboration and emphasis upon innovative programs with measurable results. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our efforts to provide opportunity for all in our region.”




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