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What We Do Best

Government Funding Made Easy

We are experts at tapping into public and private training funds, access to capital, tax incentives and wage subsidies.

Attracting and Retaining Diverse Talent

We help employers gain a competitive edge by attracting and retaining untapped talent to drive diversity, inclusion and performance.

Business Services

  • Sourcing and recruitment

  • Paid internships

  • Assistance claiming Work Opportunity Tax Credits ($1,200–$9,600 per qualified employee)

  • Local salary comparisons and job skill analysis to inform job descriptions

  • Funding, support and assistance to avoid layoffs and assist laid off employees
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion consulting services and solutions

  • On-the-job training subsidies
  • Employee ownership feasibility and transition services (ESOPs, Worker Cooperatives, etc.)

  • Designing and building apprenticeship programs, pre-apprenticeship and other custom talent projects

How to Get Started

  1. Set up a 30-minute consultation by calling (619) 228-2900 (press 4) or emailing
  2. Meet with a business services specialist to discuss your business goals and challenges.
  3. Then within five business days, we’ll deliver a recommend service plan to achieve your goals.

We know your time is valuable. Therefore if we do not have resources to solve a particular problem, we will let you know up front and work to connect you with a business services partner who has that expertise.

Our Work in Action

Promoting job quality and supporting restaurants

High Road Kitchens helps restaurants access funding to retain and upskill employees for their COVID-19 business models.

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Certifying new talent in tech

Through our Workforce Income Share Agreement (ISA) Fund, we create a diverse talent pool in the tech industry. Students complete rigorous coursework in high-demand fields while working on essential skills so that they’re job-ready on day one after graduation.

Hire an ISA graduate

What Businesses Say

Our partnership has been a win-win from the start. Truly a blessing! We face in the same direction, toward common goals to enhance the lives of those we serve and touch. Through strong collaboration and friendship, we continue to make a huge difference in the client’s quality of life.

– Hannah Schultz, Accent Care

It can be daunting trying to create the structure [for training], trying to find the time and the effort to do a lot of these things, but at the end of the day it really is an investment in your team and in the business. It’s one of those things where the dividends from that are there—from employee retention to overall wellness and happiness to excitement for the business. We’ve definitely seeing a great return on all of these.

Alex Pierson, Amplified Aleworks

January is our busiest hiring season; during this time we have a large amount of positions we are trying to fill. Utilizing the job marketing and advertising that the business services department offers becomes increasingly important when we have to fill hundreds of positions at once.

Robin Majors, Petco Park