Outcomes-Focused Funding

Outcomes and impact focus the efficient and effective use of resources to solve difficult social and economic problems.

We are working to align the financial incentives of our staff, partners and contractors with the goals and successful outcomes of San Diego County families, businesses and communities. This approach shifts from a reliance on output measurements to our ability to demonstrate that high-quality social services produce results for those in need.

Outcomes-focused funding allows for the comparison of results across different intervention models, “in-flight” course correction, identification of best practices, and ultimately, a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement.

From paying a partner based on their ability to reduce recidivism for young people coming out of the juvenile justice system to launching the first income share agreement fund as a workforce development board, we are working to connect our cash with the goals of our customers’—both business and individual.

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By 2025…

50% of Workforce Partnership-issued contracts are outcomes based

Data is systematically collected across the organization to support outcome/ROI evaluation

$25M evergreen Workforce ISA Fund created to support our priority sectors

5 paid/co-funded technical assistance projects on implementing outcomes approaches completed for other workforce organizations

90% of ISA program graduates attain employment above the minimum income threshold within 6 months

At least one local, state or federal bill is passed to incentivize outcomes-focused funding of workforce programs