Outcomes-focused Funding

Funding in this way leverages the efficient and effective use of resources to solve challenging social and economic problems with new solutions. We work to provide successful outcomes for individuals, families and businesses through varied approaches. Outcomes-focused funding allows for the comparison of results across different intervention models, “in-flight” course correction, identification of best practices and ultimately, a cycle of continuous improvement. 

In August 2022, we launched a brand-new effort to providing high-quality social services to our customers called UC San Diego Extended Studies Tech Certificate Program. This new program will provide targeted skills training to 400 San Diegans in three years, helping them land tech jobs making $40,000 or more a year. 

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  • Highlights of the UC San Diego Extended Studies Tech Certificate Program: 
    • Over 15 months participants will complete two training technical certificates, one from Extended Studies and the other a Google Career Certificate  
    • Certificate options include business intelligence, digital marketing and front-end development   
    • Participants will also receive job-readiness training and support from the Workforce Partnership’s career navigators and will be connected to paid work opportunities and access a network of employer partners 
    • Program participants pay no up-front costs to participate. Students will only need to pay back their interest-free loan if they earn over $40,000 a year. 
  • Read our FAQs to learn more about outcomes-based loans.
  • Watch our pre-recorded information session to learn more

Questions? To learn more, reach out to Alistair Penny, director of workforce development, ICT, at alistairpenny@workforce.org.