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March 20, 2017

Second extern training drives home soft skill development

On March 18, CONNECT2Career’s School Break Externship Program participants attended their final training before they complete their second work experience during spring break. The School Break Externship Program subsidizes wages for 50 young adults, ages 16–24, to complete two foundational, short-term work experiences during their winter and spring breaks. This was the second training for the group, who also participated in the training and hiring event that took place in November at the San Diego Zoo.

Second extern training drives home soft skill developmentThe trainings focus on helping participants learn essential skills, including things like team work and critical thinking, which are transferable between the two work experiences they complete with the program as well as future work experiences. Introducing a more advanced curriculum, this month’s training built upon the essential skills acquired during the fall training and winter break work experiences.

Nancy Flores, C2C Program Coordinator and Jordan Harrison, College Town Director at Reality Changers, led the participants in essential skills workshops. One of the workshops helped the young adults identify the soft skills they have developed through work, school and life experiences and connect them with their personal values. Another session asked the participants to reflect on how they can use their soft skills in different life stages to achieve their goals.

Second extern training drives home soft skill developmentDuring a group activity, participants were tasked to create their own small business. Each team developed a product or service, slogan and characteristics of their ideal employment candidate. After mapping out the details, youth had the opportunity to experience the role of an employer and interview candidates for their new company. Participants enjoyed playing the employer role because it gave them insight on how companies make hiring decisions.   

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