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July 30, 2015

San Diego State University (SDSU) Career Services is determined to help students prepare for work and find a fulfilling and challenging position that will propel them through their career. Their work is about getting students jobs, but also about developing them into the professional they desire to be.

Through partnerships, education, and programming, SDSU Career Services provides current students and alumni with many opportunities to define, develop and realize their career potential—offering them the ability to accomplish things outside of the classroom that affect them educationally and professionally.

Résumé writing, interviewing, and “Working a Career Fair” workshops; events for special populations, including athletes and veterans; industry-specific employer panels—these are just some of the Career Services programs designed to guide any one of the nearly 35,000 students who attend the university to a great career. These programs, events and services help students figure out who they are and serve as a catalyst to them becoming professionals.

“There is so much intangible, innate development happening with these students,” says Heather LaPerle, Campus Internship Coordinator. “They become empowered through the development of skills and experience and start to see who they are becoming and who they want to be, as well as the career paths available to them.”

In June, SDSU Career Services celebrated its first class of SDSU Summer Internship program students. Last August, sixty-one students began navigating a series of internship-prep activities, including a 3-part workshop series, 11 employer site visits and an internship boot camp. Students learned the basics (résumé writing, interviewing skills) in the fall; moved forward to networking, researching companies and attending career fairs in the spring; and finally to getting hired and beginning an internship in the summer. The program focused on valuable soft skills that can’t be taught in a classroom. Forty-two of the students were successfully placed in summer internships with companies such as Qualcomm, Ernst and Young, Disney and the City and County of San Diego.

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