Say hello to the 2019 OpportunitySD Leadership Council

2019 Opportunitysd Leadership Council (2)

As part of the OpportunitySD initiative focused on lowering youth disconnection rates in the region, the San Diego Workforce Partnership has hired ten young adults to share their experience and voice to raise the profile of youth issues in San Diego.

Organizations such as RISE San Diego and the Youth Development Office will provide training on a variety of topics related to civic engagement and advocacy, equipping these young, bold leaders to represent the needs of opportunity youth from their geographic regions.

The ten councilmembers will also help in designing and delivering the 2019 Opportunity Summit, which will take place on May 2 at the Town and Country Convention Center. Tickets are on sale now and we hope to see you there.

What makes you most excited about being part of OpportunitySD?

“To be giving back to my community in a way that genuinely matters. I am also eager to be working with individuals who are equally as passionate about helping create social change as I am.”
Samantha, 19, South Bay

“I joined the council because I thought it would be an amazing opportunity in gaining knowledge and learning more about youth disconnection in San Diego. I also want to get a better understanding of the issues that are impacting the youth.”
Khadijah, 18, Vista

“I’m most excited about the positive path I, as well as such a fantastic team, can provide for all those who deserve it and to get the chance to see the potential of everyone involved.”
Marco, 22, Mission Valley

“I am excited to be a face of prosperity and perseverance for youth.”
—Joi, 20, North Park

“I feel that my community is worth fighting for.”
Mallory, 20, City Heights

What are some issues related to opportunity youth that you feel most passionately about and are looking to change?

“The low funding for creative courses such as art and music. I feel youth need these subjects to express themselves freely. I hope to find resources needed to possibly get funding to open a community center or host free classes for underprivileged youth in my community.”
—Desjonae, southeastern San Diego

“To gain more knowledge within my community and to have a deeper understanding in where we as youth stand in society and also break the generational curse of youth homelessness within San Diego. Numbers have only increased just like the rent, and it has to stop somewhere.

Img 2177[1]East Coast, 24, Philadelphia/San Diego County

“I want to apply what I am taught here to my community so I can start making changes. We have enough resources to have funding and extra support if needed, and I have the vision to help my people. If it’s now, or two years from now, change is coming.”
—Rickanian, 19, City Heights

“The education system is not really preparing students for the changing workforce. Technology continues to expand and the jobs that are out on the market now are most likely not going to be the ones that they were prepared for before graduating high school. If the youth of today are expected to be successful then their education has to keep up with the technological changes.”
—Khadijah, 18, Vista

“Growing up in San Diego, I have seen many youth advocates better the situation of their peers, their communities and the generations that come after them. I see my involvement with the OpportunitySD Leadership Council as an opportunity to assist my peers to become self-sustainable and better the playing field for generations to come after me. I hope that this year we are able to come up with solutions for opportunity youth that derive from social impact entrepreneurship.”
—Josue, 24, National City/South Bay

“I joined the leadership council because it’s giving young adults the opportunity to obtain training and skills that will enable us to address the issues impacting our generation, such as homelessness and food insecurity.”
—Stephanie, 24, southeastern San Diego

The OpportunitySD Leadership Council is a key part of moving the initiative forward by making us more in tune and effective in our work and grounding us in a mission of increasing opportunity and decreasing poverty for young adults across the region.