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February 22, 2024

Flood Hero

In order to help provide critical assistance and services to workers, employers and residents impacted by the unprecedented storms that battered San Diego County this winter, the San Diego Workforce Partnership has been awarded nearly $1 million in emergency funding by the California Employment Development Department and Workforce Development System.

San Diego County was declared in a State of Emergency by the City and County of San Diego and by the State following the record-shattering rainfall in January. With this award, the San Diego Workforce Partnership will collaborate with San Diego County, the City of San Diego and San Diego Labor Council, on temporary job creation projects to mitigate damage from these unprecedented floods. 

“In partnership with the San Diego Workforce Partnership, we look forward to ensuring the expedited funds reach the individuals and businesses deserving of this essential aid including rental assistance, legal services, transportation, and childcare support,” said San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chair Nora Vargas. “No one predicted the unprecedented impact of these storms that resulted in severe flooding, property damages, and displacement across the county, and we stand ready, willing and able to help our neighbors throughout San Diego County in their time of need.”

“I have seen firsthand the impact the catastrophic floods have had on residents and small businesses in my district, and my heart goes out to those who have lost nearly everything,” said San Diego County Supervisor Monica Montgomery Steppe. “I’m grateful these funds will help provide much-needed relief and temporary employment opportunities to help rebuild and recover. We stand united as a County to support those in need and will come back even stronger as a community.”

“Now is the time when the San Diegans impacted by the flood disaster most deserve to feel and be supported,” said San Diego City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera. “This award could not have come at a better time. I am proud of the Workforce Partnership for pursuing and securing this critical funding and look forward to helping the City collaborate with the County and San Diego Workforce Partnership to distribute this vital storm aid to help our communities and neighbors who were impacted most severely throughout our region.”

“We’re grateful to receive this funding from the Employment Development Department and California Workforce Development System,” said Tony Young interim President and CEO of San Diego Workforce Partnership. “This is an opportunity to come together and focus on supporting San Diegans who were affected by the winter storms. We are dedicated to this effort and this funding will enable us to provide critical assistance to those in need.”

An estimated 20,000 employers and 80,000 jobs now stand at risk from the temporary or permanent damages, the majority of which are small businesses. The San Diego Workforce Partnership will collaborate with local authorities to assess needs and get relief to the most severely impacted communities.

Additionally, the organization will continue to engage directly with local employers to provide resources that support recruitment, retention, and business continuity efforts. Temporary job creation projects are also slated in partnership with the City and County of San Diego along with local stakeholders to assist in recovery and mitigate lingering storm damages.

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