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September 4, 2014

Ryan walked into the South Metro Career Center in January 2014 with an uplifting and very pleasant demeanor about him. As he began a conversation with a one of the center’s career agents, Ryan expressed that he had some concerns as to whether he would be able to find employment due to his recent reentry after serving time in prison. The agent provided Ryan information about the center’s services and agreed to become a member saying, “Shoot, what do I have to lose?”

As soon as Ryan became a member, he hit the ground running, attending workshop after workshop and spending time in the center looking for work. One day, Ryan’s career agent, Vonnie Davis, asked if he would be interested in a training program. With his interest in culinary training, he did some research on the Eligible Training Provider List and found training offered through the National Culinary & Bakery School. 

Davis and Ryan continued working together to get his life back on track. Ryan had no problem doing anything Davis requested to advance his career planning. He was approved for an Individual Training Account (ITA) to attend culinary school starting in March 2014 and from then on, he could see that he had another chance in life. Ryan excitedly called Davis on July 10, 2014, to tell her that he would graduate the next day—and that he would love for her to attend. She happily accepted the invitation.

With all the barriers that Ryan faced before coming to the South Metro Career Center, Davis says he never gave up and she always knew that he would succeed. “I’m so excited to see Ryan blossom into an enthusiastic young man,” she says, “He trusted in our program and our program WORKED!” 

Ryan is currently working in the culinary field.

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