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November 4, 2014

Using unique methodology for a complex industry, the California Community Colleges Life Sciences/Biotechnology Initiative, the Centers of Excellence for Labor Market Research, and the Bio-Link NSF/ATE Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences formed a project team to obtain actionable labor market information (LMI) and gap analysis for middle skills jobs in California. The outcome of a full-year effort, the report rolls up data both statewide and regionally.  

The unique research approaches include:

  • Defining “middle skills” jobs and pathway jobs (associate or certificate vs. bachelor’s degree) 
  • Building on traditional LMI with new tools that drill down to the actual job titles used by industry
  • Aligning programs statewide based on the “Skill Builder” philosophy of Peter Barr and Kathy Booths’ compelling study “The Missing Piece”
  • Assessing actual program capacity based on “Skill Builder” alignment and data from the California Community Colleges Chancellors Office
  • Assessing actual supply by statewide interviews with college program directors
  • Assessing actual demand using real-time LMI tools that allow researchers to look at middle skills job titles
  • Looking at in-demand skills through LMI tools and verifying them statewide with staffing agencies (in-person interviews)

This report lays groundwork for further statewide program alignment and the development of third-party credentials.

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