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October 26, 2016

Back in January 2014, Representative Susan Davis called upon Congress to extend unemployment insurance as there were 1.3 million people in the U.S. left without benefits, trying to find their way out of the Great Recession. One San Diego man by the name of Eugene Beronilla shared his story at the press conference. 

On October 26, Rep. Davis met with SDWP staff and reunited with Eugene at our office to hear his update. He spoke about the emotional toll long-term unemployment took on him, the challenges he faced with job interviews, and the success he has achieved since then. He had suggestions of what can be done to help those thousands in our region who are still unemployed, such as educating hiring managers not to overlook individuals with gaps in employment.

“Please focus on the mental health of your clients because it is not just the day-to-day functions of getting a job, it’s how does the person feel? Does the person have hope? Does the person have confidence?” says Beronilla.

“It was that brief time with Susan Davis that changed my outlook. It gave me the self-belief that I could do this again to the point that my next interview at UCSD two weeks later, I didn’t go in there thinking ‘I need a job,’ I went in there thinking ‘I got this.’”

Rep. Davis also shared her priorities with staff and heard updates on workforce development activities in the region.




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