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May 4, 2018

SAN DIEGO, CA — The San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP) announces the appointment of new members to its Workforce Development Board (WDB) and Consortium Policy Board. A new Consortium Policy Board Chair has also been named.

Joining the WDB is Kaiser Permanente’s Chief Operating Officer Sammy R. Totah, Pharm.D.

“Workforce development is essential to the growth and well-being of our San Diego community,” said Totah. “I am honored to join the board and help build and foster a robust workforce for San Diego’s current and future needs.”

Jacob Richards, United Way San Diego Finance Committee Chair and California Bank and Trust Relationship Manager and Senior Vice President, joins the Consortium Policy Board.

“I am a big proponent of SDWP and what they do for our community,” said Richards. “Creating jobs and lifting people up is one of the best ways we can create a better San Diego. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to be a part of such a great organization.”

County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, who has served on the Consortium Policy Board for one year, assumed the chair role beginning at the most recent meeting on April 27.

Supervisor Kristin Gaspar is the newest member of the County Board of Supervisors. Before being elected Supervisor, Gaspar was CFO of the physical therapy company she and her husband, Paul, started from the ground up in 2002. As Supervisor, she is focused on tackling the growing homeless problem around the county, enhancing public safety and improving our streets, infrastructure and neighborhoods.

The WDB and Consortium Policy Board provide oversight and funding direction to SDWP,determining workforce strategy, objectives and priorities based upon regional needs and impact. Members represent all of San Diego County. As required by the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act, the majority of WDB members are from the private sector. Remaining members represent education, the public sector, organized labor, and community advocates for workforce development. The Consortium Policy Board includes two County Supervisors, two San Diego City Council members, and a community representative.

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San Diego Workforce Partnership

SDWP is the leader for innovative workforce solutions in San Diego County. It funds and delivers job training programs that enable all job seekers to develop the skills and knowledge needed for in-demand careers. SDWP also provides ongoing labor market research on the region’s workforce trends and key industries. Its vision is to ensure that every business in our region has access to a skilled workforce and every job seeker has access to meaningful employment. For more information, visit

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