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August 6, 2014

Supervisor Dave Roberts is the Third District Supervisor for the County of San Diego. He is also a member of SDWP’s Consortium Policy Board. Here he tells SDWP about his first job and shares the workforce issues he is most passionate about. 

 SDWP: What issues are you most passionate about as they relate to workforce development?

Supervisor Roberts: As the father of five adopted county foster children, supporting our youth’s development is very important to me. Since I took office as a member of the County Board of Supervisors in January 2013, I have worked hard to enhance the opportunities we provide low-income youth and young adults so that they can begin building their careers in our communities. It is important that we connect individuals to the type of training that will best prepare them for success in life and the positions they are seeking. My goal is to greatly reduce hunger and poverty in our County, and I believe enhancing employment opportunities is key to achieving that goal. When an individual has a good, well-paying job in which they are proud to go to work every day, it changes their lives. It gives them hope and hope for their family. It’s a very important component of good citizenship and a productive life.

SDWP: What was your first job, and how did that experience impact you?

Supervisor Roberts: My first job in high school was working on a fire crew for the State of Connecticut at People’s State Forest. The job taught me the importance of teamwork. People can accomplish anything if they work together. Ever since then I have worked to bring everyone to the table, to communicate and to come to an agreement so that we can get the task at hand completed in a timely and efficient manner.

SDWP: What accomplishment (s) are you most proud of in your time as Supervisor?

Supervisor Roberts: I am proud to be a County Supervisor and working closely with all my colleagues. Working together, every day we have an opportunity to impact lives in a positive way by working toward improving our region’s quality of life. We support policies that spur economic development and encourage job creation and new business start-ups. We have promoted good land use planning and the construction of new homes in the unincorporated area. We have worked hard to promote healthy lifestyles, foster adoptions, and worked to assist those in need in the areas of mental health and Alzheimer’s prevention.  Specifically, working with Supervisor Greg Cox, we have launched the Exceptional Families Adoption Program. Working with Chairwoman Dianne Jacob, we have established a Property Assessed Clean Energy Program to support energy enhancements to our homes and businesses. Also, working with Chairwoman Dianne Jacob, we have substantially enhanced mental health offerings to those in need throughout the county.

As the County’s representative on the San Diego County Water Authority Board, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, SANDAG Regional Planning, County Mental Health Board, and the San Diego Workforce Partnership, among others, I have an opportunity to apply my skills and experience in so many areas of importance to the lives of all San Diegans.  

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