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May 23, 2023

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The San Diego Workforce Partnership’s newly-launched CareerEDGE—a suite of new tools, including self-paced training and virtual job search support—brings critical workforce services to job seekers who participate in their events, workshops and programs.

CareerEDGE provides job seekers with a virtual learning experience, including on-demand classes and resources, such as a resume builder, life skills classes and a job interview simulator. Available to anyone who participates in a Workforce Partnership workshop, (free to all San Diego County residents and offered in person and online) those who use CareerEDGE are empowered to find careers that meet their full potential no matter where they are in their job seeking journey, all from the comfort of their home. “Job hunting can be a challenge, but finding the career that’s right for you gives you purpose and passion,” says Sarah Burns, director of learning at the San Diego Workforce Partnership. “We’re proud to launch CareerEDGE so that everyone in our community is equipped with the knowledge and support they need to land careers that will help them thrive.”

To navigate today’s ever-changing job market, job seekers and employees must be prepared both with the skills they need to job search, interview and onboard, and an understanding of what careers best fit their interests and passions. The Workforce Partnership’s CareerEDGE and programs seek to not just provide tools to aid in this search, but to equip job seekers with the resources and hands-on experiences needed to increase economic mobility and prepare job seekers for real-world conditions so that everyone is empowered to reach their full potential, regardless of where they are in their job seeking journey.

To gain access to CareerEDGE, job seekers must first attend one of the Workforce Partnership’s workshops—either online or at one of their six career centers. After the workshop, participants receive an access code that allows them to create an account and begin exploring the site. The workshops cover topics such as career growth, job interview preparation and local labor market information. Upcoming workshops can be found through their events calendar at

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