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March 7, 2016

The San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP) is conducting three research studies: BlueTech Jobs, Specialty Foods and Microbreweries, In-Demand Jobs and Apprenticeships. These reports will assess the workforce needs of employers and provide employment trends, analysis and recommendations to job seekers, employers and the community.

  • The BlueTech Jobs report is a follow-up to SDWP’s 2012 Maritime Report and will profile 25 in-demand jobs in San Diego County’s Blue Technology industry. ERISS Corporation, a leading research firm, will conduct a survey and interviews with businesses in the BlueTech industry in partnership with The Maritime Alliance.
  • SDWP identified Specialty Foods and Microbreweries as one of San Diego County’s Priority Sectors and has partnered with UCSD Extension to conduct interviews with businesses in the industry. The report will cover employment trends and hiring practices, and provide a deeper understanding of one of San Diego’s emerging and rapidly-growing sectors.
  • Every two to three years, SDWP releases an updated In-Demand Jobs report. In conjunction with BW Research, SDWP’s report will profile 50 of San Diego County’s top jobs to give job seekers an understanding of what opportunities exist in the region. In addition to identifying high-growth occupations, the report will also identify employment and technological trends, and overall workforce development needs.
  • SDWP will look at current and emerging apprenticeship programs in San Diego County for an Apprenticeships Study that will inform job seekers, career counselors, educators and other workforce professionals about the availability, benefits and requirements of apprenticeship programs in the region.

ERISS Corporation, UCSD Extension and BW Research will be reaching out to community members and employers to gather data to include in these reports. If contacted, please consider lending your industry expertise. All research reports will be released at SDWP’s annual Workforce Conference on November 3, 2016. 


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