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June 27, 2013

The San Diego Zoo Global, one of San Diego’s top tourist attractions and a leading conservation organization dedicated to saving endangered species worldwide, has hired three City of San Diego high school student through the Connect2Careers youth employment initiative.

Isabella Medina is one of those hires! She will spend the summer working at the Zoo, an excellent opportunity to earn real world experience and skills in the tourism industry. As a student who has a serious interest in pursuing a career in the tourism industry, she believes his experience this summer will give her a firsthand look at where this career path could take her.

San Diego Zoo Global places value on preparing high school and college students for tomorrow’s opportunities and joins a growing list of San Diego companies that are benefitting from the Connect2Careers initiative.

For more information on how to hire an employee like Isabella, contact Connect2Careers by phone or email: 619.228.2945

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