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May 7, 2013

When you meet Ed Hidalgo, Senior Director of Staffing at Qualcomm, you quickly learn that he is passionate about training, education, and serving his community.  Because of this passion, Ed has been integral to the success of the San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP) over the past seven years, most recently as Workforce Investment Board Chair.

Although his board term is coming to a close, his service and impact will leave a lasting impression on our region. As an enthusiastic board member Ed has been committed to implementing programs that make a difference in the lives of people in the San Diego region and has seen many programs come to fruition. One organization he is particularly proud to fund is The Arc of San Diego’s Community Employment Services (ACES) customized training program, which employs men and women with disabilities to serve meals to thousands of recruits at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Mess Hall (MCRD).

During the busiest times at MCRD, 275 employees with disabilities serve up to 18,000 meals each day at the Nation’s largest mess hall. Ed shared “When I think of The Arc, I think of Matt Mouer, Director of ACES, who works so diligently to serve people with disabilities. This population needs an advocate and opportunities to learn life skills and job training. To purposefully utilize this funding to create meaningful work opportunities is a beautiful example of our dollars being used wisely.”

When asked how serving on a variety of SDWP boards and committees has impacted his life, Ed was quick to answer that the past seven years have been exceptionally special to him. “It has taught me a lot about myself; it has put me in some difficult situations that I’ve had to work through. If you are thinking about joining a board, do it! There is so much personal growth that you will receive from stretching yourself that you cannot possibly gain in school or through your day-to-day activities of your job.  If everyone took time to serve in some way, we would have a much stronger and better community. I am so humbled to have had this opportunity to serve and it has been a great experience,” says Hidalgo.

Peter Callstrom, SDWP President & CEO states, “Ed has been invaluable to SDWP in many capacities: leader of our WIB, board and committee member, advisor, friend, and most of all, passionate advocate for quality workforce development and the job seekers in our region.”

Thank you Ed for your service to SDWP and to our community!


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