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July 10, 2015

CONNECT2Careers (C2C) has more than 2,500 young adults who have applied to the program, ready to work this summer and beyond. The challenge? We need more employers to provide jobs.

“We have thousands of young adults who are ready to work and excited to contribute to employers,” says Peter Callstrom, President of SDWP. “We need to invest in our future workforce and the best way is to provide these invaluable real-world opportunities.”

C2C prepares young adults to be work-ready and matches applicants with jobs based on interests and skills. Employers have access to pre-screened, trained, and motivated young adults. We have conducted 58 workshops, training more than 460 young adults in important soft skills such as collaboration, communication, problem-solving and work etiquette. Several job and resource fairs have been held, connecting young adults with employers while helping refine résumés and improve interview skills.

San Diego’s youth unemployment rate is far too high— around 17%. To solve this problem, both the City and County of San Diego have invested in C2C. Thank you Mayor Kevin Faulconer, the San Diego City Council, and County Supervisors Ron Roberts and Greg Cox for your tremendous support.

“I would like for more San Diego companies to join our effort by working with our schools and youth programs to provide more employment opportunities,” says Mayor Faulconer. “San Diego is a city of innovation, but unless we expand access to internships and employment opportunities, our innovative spirit and talent will move elsewhere. Collaboration between our local businesses, schools and organizations like the Workforce Partnership will help generate valuable opportunities for San Diego youth and in turn help keep our innovation economy growing and talented employees here in San Diego.”

Marlene Taylor, President of Taylor Trim & Supply, hires interns through C2C, and added, “Our interns come in and help in many ways: front office, filing, wherever they are capable and show accuracy. C2C definitely saves employers time because the interns have already been trained,” says Taylor. “I get to spend less time on soft skills thanks to the C2C program. The interns come in and they are ready to start.”

Taylor also emphasizes that employers need to nurture the next generation of employees now. “What better way to influence the up-and-coming workforce – these are going to be our employees. The more we support C2C, the better our workforce is going to be.”

“It can be said that youth unemployment is a community issue, a crime prevention issue, an education issue, a public health issue and a social service issue. But as record numbers of employees retire soon, if our future workforce lacks work experience and key skills, this will impact our availability of future talent,” says Callstrom.

How can you help? Hire an intern, challenge business colleagues to hire, share the word with others. There is still time to hire an intern for the summer.

For more information on hiring an intern through C2C, contact Ernesto Rivera at (619) 228-2927.

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