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July 15, 2015

SDWP is proud to announce that Lead Program Specialist Amanda Cheyney has been selected to participate in LEAD San Diego’s IMPACT program

Often described as a “master’s degree” on San Diego, the IMPACT program highlights historic and contemporary perspectives on relevant regional themes and features presentations by leading experts and key community leaders. Nine, full-day seminars employ a mix of interactive presentations, facilitated dialogues, behind-the-scenes visits and networking opportunities. In addition, IMPACT participants gain hands-on experience through Leadership Action Team projects, which may include assisting a local nonprofit or performing policy work with the goal of making a lasting community impact.

While IMPACT is open to all adults, the successful applicants are passionate, capable and engaged individuals who are interested in personal and professional development, demonstrate leadership abilities and plan to stay in the greater San Diego/Northern Baja California region for at least the next five years. Cheyney demonstrated her fit for the program through a detailed application and in-depth interview process with LEAD before being selected. 

“Ultimately, I believe this program will enhance my leadership development and support the opportunity to increase my capacity in serving the region,” says Cheyney. “I’m excited to increase my knowledge of the different systems in San Diego such as regional economy, K-12 education, arts and culture, health and human services, military, and law and society. I also look forward to positively impacting a local nonprofit by participating in the Leadership Action Team.”

LEAD San Diego provides balanced education and dialogue on issues of critical regional importance by helping community leaders become more informed, civically engaged and active participants in work that positively impacts our region.

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