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March 3, 2015

Last summer Jennifer Brice, 18, worked with CONNECT2Careers (C2C) staff to secure an internship at the office of San Diego City Council President Sherri Lightner (District 1). Brice attended council and committee meetings and interacted with the community through emails, phone calls and events.

She says she learned about how to write briefs and about the process behind political decisions and those involved in the decision-making process. She even had the opportunity to witness the political process involved with some high-priority topics. “While I was there, an increase to the minimum wage was being proposed and a climate action plan was drafted,” she says.

One of Brice’s most memorable experiences was watching the political process unfold over a multiuse development plan. “After years of planning, the development plan was formally discussed among representatives for the City and the community planning board,” she describes. “As part of the process, the plan would then head to council for a vote. Listening to members of the community planning board debate the issue with representatives from the city was an incredible experience. Since this was an issue I had spent time researching and writing about to constituents, I found the discussion to be interesting and worthwhile.”

Brice says her internship was an excellent learning experience. Councilmember Lightner notes additional benefits to C2C: “CONNECT2Careers provides a great way for businesses to give back to the community while helping to train our emerging workforce, which is critical to growing our local economy and competing in the global marketplace,” she says.

The C2C applications for summer 2015 opened on March 2. Young adults can apply here.

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