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October 20, 2015

Biocom is a regional trade association that supports over 700 members within the Life Sciences industry throughout Southern California. On behalf of the industry, Biocom works on public policy, capital development, workforce development, group savings, network building and member communications. Their goal is to support their members’ success, which in turn accelerates the Life Sciences industry and benefits the community as a whole.

“Our focus is community,” says Biocom COO Jennifer Landress. “We do whatever we can to foster success in our member companies, but fostering the community as a whole is always the underlying driver.”

One way Biocom is impacting the industry is through its Venture Days program. The organization coordinates with venture capitalists (VCs) from outside of the region and brings them to San Diego for a day of one-on-one meetings with seven to eight pre-selected companies. The companies are selected based on their alignment to key focus areas of the VCs—both in therapeutic area and stage of development. The result—direct impact on the success, propulsion and longevity of life sciences companies and, more importantly, the potential for financial investment in the life changing projects they are working on.

Another effort, Biocom’s Contract Research Organizations (CRO) Initiative, fosters the creation of an outsourcing community while identifying ways to connect local companies to this expanding network. Members are connected to the expanding CRO network through a dedicated website database, CRO Initiative committee and CRO-specific events. Born from members asking for a solution to a common industry pain point, the initiative is a testament to Biocom’s member-driven focus.

“When we say we are member-driven, we really are,” says Landress. “We work off of multi-year strategic plans and programs that are developed in conjunction with our members for our members.”

Many of the Biocom team members have called the organization home for many years. Each member of the team supports the values of the organization through their work each day. Teamwork, commitment to service, passion for the cause, innovation and striving for excellence all drive the impactful work being done by the organization for the Life Sciences industry.

“We really can help make a difference,” says Landress. “I’m not a scientist, so I’ll never develop a cure to save someone’s life, but at Biocom I know that I can help in other ways.”

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