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April 21, 2022

Career Exploration Day 4

On April 30, the San Diego Workforce Partnership, San Diego Public Library and San Diego Public Library Foundation will host a Career Exploration Workshop. Families, including children and young adults, are invited to participate in workshops that discuss how they can achieve career success and satisfaction.  “The Workforce Partnership is providing families with the opportunity to learn more about the San Diego job market and how to keep up with the pace of an ever-changing world,” says Sarah Burns, Director of Learning at the San Diego Workforce Partnership. “As many county residents are on the search for new careers, the Career Exploration Workshop will provide job seekers with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify, find and apply for jobs they actually want.”

This event is part of the Family Career Exploration Day series which provides support to those looking to make a career move, presenting the necessary training and resources to enter in-demand careers and occupations throughout San Diego County. Participants will have the opportunity to examine their interests, values, personality traits and skills, and learn how to pair them with their career and in-demand jobs in the region. 

The grant awarded to the Workforce Partnership and San Diego Public Library is part of The Library Workforce Partnership Initiative (LWPI). This funding allows 10 California public libraries to partner with local Workforce Development Boards to support workforce development and employment. This partnership between the Workforce Partnership and San Diego Public Library promotes employment, career development and skill building for job seekers amidst pandemic recovery.  

During the pandemic, nearly a third of U.S. workers considered changing careers. The Workforce Partnership is providing the necessary tools and resources for people who are currently on the search for new career opportunities that are more in line with their professional goals. 

The Workforce Partnership’s Family Career Exploration Day events support the San Diego community in the search for jobs that are both in-demand and more in line with their professional passions. The workshops help people develop key characteristics and skills to find quality careers that will create better lives for themselves and their families. 


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