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5 things you may not have realized about our new logo

February 22, 2019

While a brand is more than a logo, we believe our new logo speaks to many of the qualities that earned us the WIOA Trailblazer Award last year.

Unveiling our new logo at our open house in February, we shared a new way to represent our organization to our funders, participants and partners. Our brand is about who we are and where we are heading.

Local agency Janitor worked on this rebrand with us.

San Diego Workforce Partnership logo 2019

See if you picked up on these elements in our new logo:

  1. Building blocks

The symbol in our new logo contains five squares—very basic shapes that form the foundations of great things to come.

  1. A staircase

The squares form a staircase, evoking progress and transformation—we accomplish change one step at a time. It is also a nod to income mobility—an emphasis for us as we focus on quality jobs.

  1. The letter “W”

Highlighting the most important word in our name, the symbol is a sideways letter “W,” calling out workforce as the core of who we are and what we do—studying the labor market and serving our workforce by better understanding employer and job seeker needs.

  1. Data-driven

The symbol is also a reference to bar charts and graphs; after all, we strive to use research and evidence to design better programs and projects, and measure our impact to better understand their effectiveness.

  1. Friendlier font

The typeface in our new logo is coincidentally from a font family called Work Sans. It is more modern yet warmer than the type in our old logo (which was incidentally called Bank Gothic).

Guests who attended our open house enjoyed seeing our new look and feel, which included our new offices and new website, all unveiled to the public together.

“I love the new logo,” said Matt Doyle, Assistant Superintendent of Innovation at Vista Unified School District. “It is fresh, simple and focused on the main event…expanding opportunities for San Diego County residents to join an increasingly sophisticated workforce development network. Bravo!”

“The new logo is simple, yet powerful,” said Maylynne Rayos, Project Director at the Metro Career Center. “I love the brightness of the colors and the hidden ‘W’. I think it speaks to the innovation within the organization and brings modernization to the brand.”

“At first glance, I could easily spot the formation of building blocks which, to me, can be simply translated as upward mobility,” echoed Maxine Suka, Director of Workforce Operations at the Metro Career Center.

“Our new logo reflects our core values—including adaptability,” says Workforce Partnership CEO Peter Callstrom. “As we adapt our ways of doing things to changes in our labor market and the economy, we must also adapt how we communicate our work to stay current and relevant.”

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