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May 21, 2018

The San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP) offers a menu of services to support employers at any stage of the business life cycle. Whether your company is just starting up, growing and hiring, or downsizing and restructuring, SDWP provides services to offset the costs and headaches you encounter along the way. Here are some of the ways SDWP can support your company today:

Be your remote HR consultant

SDWP research shows that many small and medium sized businesses do not have a dedicated HR department. Recognizing that it’s difficult to stay ahead of the changing labor laws, SDWP partners with the San Diego Employers Association to offer a free HR helpline for San Diego County employers. Local businesses may call in to receive 15 minutes of free HR advice. Call for information about workers compensation, changing minimum wage laws, termination procedures and more. The HR Helpline number is (866) 441-9399.

You pay them, we pay you

We understand that when businesses need talent and job seekers need work, time is of the essence. On-the-Job-Training (OJT) is one way to address this. OJT helps businesses offset the cost and risk of training new employees by reimbursing 50 percent of a new hire’s wages for up to 6 months. Another wage reimbursement program—Expanded Subsidized Employment (ESE)—helps reduce the costs associated with identifying, hiring and onboarding employees, reimbursing companies up to 100 percent of the wages of a new hire in the first 6 months. Send your job descriptions to and ask to source OJT- or ESE-eligible applicants for your open positions.

Tell the future (of work)

Knowledge is power. As the go-to regional resource for labor market information, SDWP releases reports every year that analyze workforce trends, in-demand jobs and high growth industries in San Diego County. These are particularly useful in learning more about what the workforce climate is like in our local economy and what it’s expected to look like in the future. In addition, the SDWP team has access to tons of local and national data that can answer just about any labor market question you may have. Curious about something specific to your business? Submit a data request and the team will be in touch.

Upskill your staff

Employee growth and lifelong learning are important parts of professional development and your bottom line, especially as technology continues to change the way we conduct business. Let us help you get ahead of the curve by offering your employees LinkedIn Learning licenses—SDWP will fund their unlimited learning through 2018. Would you prefer to offer a training more specific to your company’s needs? Customized Training reimburses employers up to 50 percent of the training costs associated with training new hires or existing employees. Employers determine the type—everything from basic safety training to industry-specific skillsets—and duration of the training. The Customized Training program will match costs of training such as the trainer’s fees, required materials, facilities costs and more.

Act as your event planner

Formats include everything from large job fairs for young adults hosted by CONNECT2Careers to Hiring at Happy Hour and Jobs and Java events put on by our business partnerships team. The latter are “not-a-job-fair” recruitment events, which forgo long white tables and branded setups for belly bars and cups of coffee or pints of beer, offering job seekers and recruiters a more informal environment to interact.

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