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February 16, 2022


San Diego Gas & Electric awarded the Workforce Partnership a $150,000 grant in support of their Construction Career Jumpstart and Income Share Agreement programs, which offer paid career training and educational opportunities to County residents.

70% of participants in Construction Career Jumpstart’s program, which offers paid training in energy, construction and utility careers, now have jobs in these industries. Under this grant, the program will receive $100,000 in funding.

$50,000 of the grant will support the Income Share Agreement (ISA) program. A partnership with UC San Diego Extension, the ISA offers 9-15 month certificate programs in high-demand, high-growth sectors, with tuition paid through a fixed percentage of a graduate’s income after securing a career. “The value of career training and educational programs like the ones offered by the San Diego Workforce Partnership cannot be overstated, as they contribute to the overall economic growth of our region and give everyone a chance to pursue a successful career, regardless of their background,” said Nancy Smith-Taylor, SDG&E’s director of diversity and workforce management. “Paid training is especially important as we work to build a more diverse and inclusive economy in our region.”

Funds will support operations and recruitment for both programs, which are now accepting applicants for their next cohort.

Though the region has seen significant growth in job openings in in-demand fields like construction and technology, rates of qualified workers have not kept up. Both the Construction Career Jumpstart and the Income Share Agreement program aim to correct this gap by giving students the tools they need to succeed in both the classroom and on the job.

Through paid training, students who may have traditionally lacked the support networks that make job training and education accessible, whether due to income or lack of access, will now have the support they need to enter a new field and/or advance their skills. “This grant will continue our mission of connecting residents to careers that provide pathways for long-term success and stability,” says Peter Callstrom, CEO of the San Diego Workforce Partnership. “We thank SDG&E for their commitment to build our talent pool by supporting our entire community.”

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