Issuance Number: 2023-12

Date: July 28, 2023

To: SDWP Youth Service Provider (YSP) Subrecipients and SDWP Staff

From: Crystal Gunter, Sr. Supervisor of Youth Services

Subject: Operations Manual Update: Chapter 7. Part 2 & Attachments


This operations issuance is to notify Workforce Partnership (SDWP) subrecipients and staff of changes to the Operations Manual: Chapter 7, Part 2 – WIOA Youth Eligibility. Updates to the chapter and attachments were made to align with recent updates to federal, state and local policies.


Summary of Updates: Below is a summary of updates. Subrecipient should review the referenced chapter and the attachments for details.

A new “Eligibility Wizard” was developed in Workforce eFile to streamline the eligibility process. The updates are intended to help staff move through the eligibility process more efficiently. Eligibility is conducted outside of CalJOBS to ensure that no participants apply and are enrolled without proper documentation (resulting in ineligible participants and disallowed costs).


Section I: Introduction

  1. Added references and details for the Partner Portal, CalJOBS, and Workforce eFile (similar to Chapter 4, Part 2) as part of the intake and eligibility process.
    • Partner Portal – Initial Program Eligibility
    • Workforce eFile – Eligibility Certification and Documentation
    • CalJOBS – WIOA Application and Participation Form

Section II: Eligibility Certification

  1. Updated: Section C-2: Participation Process
    • The WIOA Application will “expire” if not completed and signed within 30 days. Staff must submit a new application if a previous application has expired.
  2. Major Update: Section D: WIOA Eligibility Determination (formerly ECRF)
    • Updated process of establishing WIOA Eligibility was updated to reflect changes to the Workforce eFile system under the “Eligibility Wizard”
    • Signatures are no longer required; however, a second review and verification is still required
    • All selections verified and approved in the Eligibility Wizard must be marked on the WIOA Application
    • ISY who “Require Additional Assistance” should only be marked on the WIOA Application when that criterion is used to establish eligibility and a 5% eligibility exception request has been approved by SDWP. It should not be marked otherwise.
  3. Added: Section D-1: Eligibility Wizard Sections
  4. Clarification: Sections E & F: UPAF and MCRF
    • Clarification and update regarding the purpose of the UPAF
    • Does not replace the required signature(s) on the WIOA Application
    • Initials, signatures and dates must be completed on the same day or prior to the signature on the WIOA Application
  5. Clarification: Section G: Recertification
  • The WIOA Application in CalJOBS will “expire” if not completed and signed within 30 days. Re-certification is not required in this instance unless 90 days has passed.
  1. Updated: Section H: Re-Enrollment
    • Re-Enrollment Form Removed – Request for re-enrollment is submitted in the Eligibility Wizard
      • Requests will be approved/denied by SDWP staff – no signatures required
  1. Updated: Section I: Co and Dual-Enrollments
    • Policy and Process moved from Chapter 4, Part 2 and updated to reflect changes in Workforce eFile
    • Dual-Enrollment Form Removed – Request for dual-enrollment is submitted in the Eligibility Wizard
      • Only one provider conducting eligibility during the dual-enrollment is required to coordinate and submit the request
      • Services (including follow up) for both providers must be documented on the request and cannot be duplicated
      • Requests will be approved/denied by SDWP staff – no signatures required
    • Added Dual-Enrollment Limitations
    • Added Dual-Enrollment Accountability & Performance

Section IV: General Eligibility Requirements

  1. Updated Section D: Selective Service Registration
    • Updated links in D-5: Selective Service Verification & Registration
    • Added: How to register or verify for Selective Service without a SSN
      • Cannot register or verify online without a SSN; must do by mail or phone

Section V: WIOA Youth Program Eligibility Criteria

  1. Updated Section C-3: Lives in a Barrier Area
    • Process updated to reflect changes in Workforce eFile
    • Updated throughout chapter/attachments from “resides” to “lives” for consistency
  2. Added Section C-4: Basic Skills Deficient
    • Documentation for basic skills deficient (pre-test) bust be uploaded to both Workforce eFile (Eligibility) and CalJOBS (Measurable Skills Gain) when used for eligibility
  3. Updated Section D-7: Low Income Determination- Family Size/Income
    • Removed Income Calculation Form Requirement (Can use as a tool)
    • Income Calculation built into Eligibility Wizard
  4. Updated Section E: 5% Eligibility Exception Request
    • Removed Form – request built into Eligibility Wizard
    • Process updated to reflect changes to Workforce eFile



The following attachments were removed:

  • Eligibility Certification and Review Form (ECRF)
  • Request for Re-Enrollment Form
  • Five Percent Eligibility Exception Request Form
  • Request For Dual-Enrollment Form (from Chapter 4)

The following attachments were updated:

  • Lives in a Barrier Area (Updated eligible census tracts for PY24)
  • Table of Documentation to Establish WIOA Youth Eligibility
    • Updates to Source Documentation requirements based on WSD22-15: WIOA Data Validation Source Documentation
    • Updated to reflect changes to Workforce eFile
    • Updated source documentation list for Date of Birth/Age
    • Updated source documentation list for Family/Individual Income
    • Lives in a high poverty area:
      • Standalone case note “Lives in a high poverty area” with the census tract number and poverty rate % (above 25%)
    • 5% Eligibility Exception, Re-Enrollment, and Dual-Enrollment
      • SDWP Staff Approval in eFile


Effective August 1, 2023 all WIOA Title I providers are required to follow the updated policies and procedures in the chapter indicated above for all new applicants. Subrecipients and staff are required to review the entire Chapter and Attachments. Participants who have previously started eligibility prior to 8/1/23 will be grandfathered into the old process.

Subrecipients must attend the scheduled “Review of Chapter 7, Part 2 Ops Issuance” on July 31st. Each subrecipient must have a minimum of one staff member in attendance.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding this issuance, contact your Program Specialist.



  1. To access the chapters and their attachments, go to workforce.organd click on the collapsed menu icon located on the top right-hand side of the webpage. 
  2. Click on Operations Resources section. 
  3. Click on Operations Manual to see the list of chapters and operational issuances. 
  4. Click on “Chapter 7. Part 2: WIOA Title I Youth Eligibility” to view the policy and attachments.