Connecting Workforce Development Resources
Funding job training programs in the San Diego region since 1974
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Not all job seekers have the same needs, barriers or goals. Our career center network can help you identify a meaningful career.
Labor Market
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SDWP’s Research Department is the go-to expert on workforce trends and in-demand occupations in San Diego County.
Business Services
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SDWP works with employers to understand their staffing needs, and invests in training to meet those needs.
Success Stories
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Through the Career Center, “I learned strategies to make my résumé succinct and tailored to employers’ needs.” — Eugene
Find Your Path
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The U.S. Department of Labor launches “Find Your Path” campaign. Follow the conversation at #FindYourPath.
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CONNECT2Careers exceeds goal, places 202 young adults in summer jobs!
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Every program we fund is approved through a strategic system of boards and committees.

  • Board of Directors
  • Workforce Investment Board
  • Consortium Policy Board

One of our core values is lifelong learning.

  • Regional Employment Data
  • Local Business Relationships
  • Forecasting Emerging Industries
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With over $260 million in funds strategically dispersed to community programs, SDWP is dedicated to building San Diego's workforce.

186,000 people in the community have benefited from SDWP programs and services between 2002–2008.

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Our commitment to learning builds the framework for the programs we fund.

  • Career Training/Management
  • Workforce/Talent Development
  • Youth Jobs/Internships
Partners & Programs: 

On Oct. 2, we released in-depth reports covering Advanced Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Clean Energy, Information and Communication Technologies, and Health Care. 

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Summer Jobs: A Pathway to Success

Do you remember what your first job meant to you? For millions of young people every year, summer jobs are a pathway to success. Join CONNECT2Careers and the Department of Labor as we make it our job this summer to help young adults find theirs.