Who should submit a Training and Education Partner Interest Form?

Education and training providers, apprenticeship programs, and employers who are providing (or looking to provide) classroom or on-the-job training. The Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) offers varied training programs to support our job seekers. For Training providers and programs that aren’t eligible for ETPL, we have many avenues to partner with training providers based on employer and customer demand.

May I apply to be a training partner at any time?

Yes, applications are being reviewed on an ongoing basis. Submit your interest form to determine which programs you would be eligible for. Staff will reach out to provide more information on how to partner with us based on your interest form submission.

How long does it take for my application to be reviewed?

Up to 30 business days. 

If I have questions about my application, what should I do?

All applicants will receive an automated message once they submit their interest form. Staff will follow up within three business days.

If I am a job seeker looking for training, should I contact you through here?

No, this process is only for entities providing training. If you are interested in receiving training or job placement assistance, visit a career center.


What is ETPL?

The purpose of the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) is to provide customer-focused training for eligible adults and dislocated workers through Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) and Apprenticeship Training Accounts (ATAs). Providers on our ETPL are eligible to receive funding through Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds.

Who is eligible to be listed on the San Diego ETPL?

  • Be approved for the State of California ETPL
  • Be accredited through a Department of Education recognized accrediting body.
  • Provide training in occupations that are “in-demand,” as defined by the Workforce Partnership.
  • Not debarred from doing business with the Federal Government.
  • Provide all required documentation and follow ETPL Policy and Procedures.

Which institutions are listed on the ETPL?

Contact inquiries@workforce.org for a current listing.

What other training programs does the Workforce Partnership have beyond the ETPL?

Look at our What We Do page for more information on our programs and trainings.

I am an approved member of an ETPL in another part of California or the US. Does this mean I am automatically approved to be listed on San Diego’s ETPL?

No. The the ETPL approval process is specific to each local area. San Diego ETPL eligibility is managed/approved by the Workforce Partnership.

What is the difference between “initial eligibility” and “continued eligibility”?

“Initial eligibility” is the initial decision by the local board to approve a training provider for addition to the ETPL list for Individual Training accounts (ITAs). To learn more about initial eligibility requirements, review the initial eligibility section in the ETPL Policy and Procedures.

“Continued eligibility” is an annual review performed by the local board to determine if the training provider meets the requirements to remain on the ETPL. To learn more about continued eligibility requirements, review the continued eligibility section in the ETPL Policy and Procedures.

Are the San Diego requirements different than the ETPL in other locations or the state of CA?

Yes. WIOA requires states to establish a list of training providers that are eligible to receive WIOA funds and to establish procedures for initial eligibility and continued eligibility.

On July 22, 2015, the California Workforce Development Board (state board), released WSD15-07, revising the existing ETPL requirements; under this policy, “Local boards may establish local policies requiring performance above the state minimum standards for providers to be included on the ETPL.”

State (CA) ETPL

Local (SD) ETPL

Must have the minimum of one:

1.     WASC Accreditation

2.     BPPE Accreditation or Exemption

3.     CA Dept. Of Education Approval

4.     Title IV Post-Secondary Institutions

5.     CA Community College Approval

Must have a minimum of one of the CA ETPL criteria and be accredited by a DOE accrediting body. (WASC accreditation fulfills both requirements)

Training Programs must be considered in-demand in California.

Training Programs must be considered “in-demand” as defined by the Workforce Partnership

Must meet CA ETPL performance requirements

Must meet both CA and SD ETPL performance requirements.

If I previously participated in the ETPL and my institution was removed due during a continued eligibility review, may I apply to be re-added?

Yes, if the training organization now meets eligibility. 

How frequently is the list of in-demand jobs updated?

Annually. You can find the list here: In-Demand Jobs

Does the list of in-demand jobs apply to all types of training?

No, it is only applicable to Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) which are used by the ETPL. It does not apply to employer-driven programs such as Customized Training, On-the-Job Training or Contracted Education. For example, Emerging fields which become a growing employer need in San Diego but are not yet on the ETPL list may be delivered through a Customized Training or On-the-Job training when/if required by an employer. It is also not applicable to apprenticeships. Any apprenticeship approved by the Division of Apprenticeship Standards or the Department of Labor is automatically eligible for the ETPL.

How is the list of in-demand jobs determined?

We analyze employment data to identify in-demand jobs. Criteria includes median wages and projected number of annual job openings. Data used is specific to San Diego County only. Current list is available here.

What is the cap for Individual Training Accounts (ITA)s provided through the ETPL?

Individual Training Account (ITA) provides up to $5,000 for training for in-demand occupations.

I am an accredited training provider but credentialing is not part of my existing programs. Is this required?

All training programs on the ETPL must result in the awarding of an industry-recognized credential, national or state certificate or degree, including all industry appropriate competencies, licensing and/or certification requirements. This is a requirement under WIOA and may not be waived by local boards. Providers must demonstrate, as part of the initial eligibility process, the mechanism used for awarding such credentials, certificates and/or degrees.  The training provider is responsible for appropriately reporting such attainment to the Workforce Partnership. Copies of credentials/certificates must be made available.

Training providers must also provide progress reports for all participants to demonstrate training milestones towards attainment of the certificate/credential. These are required at least once during the duration of the enrollment in the training program. The Career Centers may request additional progress reports for long-term trainings.

If my institution is approved and listed on the San Diego ETPL, will I automatically receive funding?

No, the programs are funded based on customer choice and by the programmatic and budgetary capacity of the Workforce Partnership. Funding for training varies by program year and is not guaranteed.

What are the guiding principles for the ETPL and other training programs?

  • Price — Reasonably priced, high quality; not available for free from other sources
  • Job Alignment — Directly tied to an in-demand jobs leading to higher wages
  • Responsiveness — Considerate of existing level of education & experience, basic skills proficiency and need to upskill or reenter market
  • Accessibility — Widely available and in various delivery formats

Are apprenticeships part of the ETPL?

Yes, apprenticeship programs that have been approved through the Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) are automatically eligible for the ETPL and not subject to accreditation/BPPE requirements. If your program has been approved by the DAS, please fill out an ETPL Application and send to ETPL@dir.ca.gov or mail to the Division of Apprenticeship Standards at P.O. Box 420603, San Francisco, CA 94142. If you have any questions, please contact Victor Rodriguez, Senior Apprenticeship Consultant for San Diego, at VRodriguez@dir.ca.gov.

Approved programs are subject to performance measures. What are they?

A list of the performance measures are in the ETPL Policy and Procedures. 

If I am only using my participation on the ETPL to enable me to receive “Supplement Job Displacement Benefits (formerly called “Vocational Rehabilitation Retraining” (managed by the Department of Rehab) am I still subject to the ETPL requirements?

Yes. The SJDB program is not administered by the local board or the EDD. The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) is a separate organization and does not have oversight authority for the ETPL. If DOR chooses to use the ETPL as a criteria for their program they may do so at their discretion; however, this does not in any way change the ETPL eligibility requirements.

What is debarment?

Debarment is when an organization is not permitted to do business with or receive funds from federal government sources, as WIOA funding is federal funding.