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The San Diego Workforce Partnership (Workforce Partnership) is soliciting proposals for the provision of Employer of Record (EOR) services. We are seeking a qualified and experienced EOR service provider to support our organization in the management of employment and payroll responsibilities for our programs offering subsidized wages for our program participants.

Programs offering subsidized wages often consist of short-term >200 hours of work experience in office settings performing a variety of administrative tasks. Funding for the subsidized wages typically comes from a variety of philanthropic organizations and local or state government grants.

The estimated dollar amount of processing is between $500,000 and $1,000,000 for the contract period described in section C.

Scope of Work

The Workforce Partnership seeks to procure a professional Employer of Record Service Provider:

The selected EOR service provider will be responsible for:

  1. Onboarding, payroll processing, and tax compliance for our participants.
  2. Providing benefits administration and support to our participants.
  3. Ensuring legal compliance in employment and labor regulations.
  4. Managing and mitigating employment-related risks.
  5. Timely and accurate reporting of payroll and employment data.

Contract Period

The Workforce Partnership intends to award one contract with a base year that will begin on or about 7/1/2024 and end on 06/30/2025 with the option to extend the agreement for three additional one-year periods based on organizational need, service provider performance, and funding availability.

Submittal of Proposal

The Workforce Partnership must receive proposals no later than 03/01/2024 by 5:00PM

PDF versions of written and signed proposals should be sent to with the title of “Employer of Record Services response”. Late proposals will not be accepted.

Questions about the RFP

All current questions and answers regarding the RFP can be viewed here.

All questions about this RFP must be emailed to with the name of the RFP in the subject line and we will respond within three business days.

Miscellaneous Requirements

Service agreement template

By submitting a proposal, you are agreeing to the terms outlined in the Attachment labeled “Service Agreement Template” should you be selected as a successful bidder.

Conflict of interest

Bidders are required to list any and all individuals who contributed to the preparation of the proposal in the attachment labeled “Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form.” Disclosure of any actual or potential conflicts of interest relative to this competitive proposal is required. All bidders must fill this out and submit even if there are no actual or potential conflicts of interest.

Certificate of insurance

Bidders are required to complete the attachment labeled “Certificate of Insurance (COI)”, that includes the language “San Diego Workforce Partnership Inc, City of San Diego and County of San Diego are listed as additional insured and certificate holders.”

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