Issuance Number: 2023-01

Date: June 4, 2023

To: WIOA Youth Providers, Partner Portal Users

From: Crystal Gunter, Sr. Supervisor of Youth Services

Subject: Partner Portal Resources - Groups


This informational issuance is to notify WIOA Youth Providers and all Partner Portal users of the available resource called “GROUPS” to be used to help support collaboration between partners and provide information on available participant services, resources, and events.

Users can join or view all public groups in the Partner Portal. New information can be added by both users and/or SDWP staff. The information will be updated regularly as new events or announcements become available in lieu of forwarding emails.

Additionally, users could create private groups, as needed. (Example: North County Staff) to be accessed only by those members. We welcome users to create their own groups or suggest additional groups.


1. Login to the Partner Portal

2. Click on the RESOURCES dropdown and select GROUPS


3. Review the available PUBLIC groups, which include:

    1. Resources for Participants
    2. Employer & Hiring Events
    3. Youth Workforce Development Information
    4. Community Events


4. Click on a Group to OPEN and:

    1. Create an Announcement, Post, Poll, or Question
    2. View current posts


  1. Users should familiarize themselves with the groups section and contribute to postings. You can also chatter (@) other users and tag them in postings to review.


If you have any feedback or questions regarding this issuance, please contact your Program Specialist.