Are you interested in mentoring some of our bright minded program participants? The San Diego Workforce Partnership is building a strong mentorship community around the ISA program and we’re looking for professionals within the San Diego community to join us.
Our first cohort of 50 will be studying Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing. They will begin the program in July. Our second 2019 cohort will be studying Java Programming and Front-end Development and will begin in September. Our goal is to partner each participant in our program with an successful mentor to help them build the required social capital in their new career fields.

How you can help:

Become a mentor
Mentors commit to supporting a student through their one-year program. Students are biting off a lot by choosing to pursue their education while keeping up with life’s other commitments. Mentors are there to help them through challenges, listen and provide feedback and connect them to their professional network as they build their skills.
Mentor Expectations:
  • 1 hour commitment per week
  • One face to face meeting with mentee every quarter
  • One communication touch point a week via mentoring app
  • Prepared to connect mentee with relevant people from their network
  • Take mentee to 2 events in a year. (outside of ISA Network)
Want to do more?
If you’re experienced in any of these fields and currently working in the industry, we’re looking for Cohort Captains who will help build a robust event calendar for our participants. Captains will work alongside the Workforce Partnership Career Consultant to ensure that each program receives the guidance they need and offer insights into building a successful career in tech

Apply to be a mentor

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