HR Hotline small business training: Dealing with Unacceptable Employee Behavior

Thursday, January 19

Do you sometimes have trouble dealing with behaviors you consider rude or unacceptable in your employees? Learn how to identify toxic behaviors and diffuse them before they get out of hand. The practical management methods taught in this workshop will help you restore workforce morale, avoid future disciplinary action, and increase productivity levels.


    This workshop will teach participants how to:

    • Identify the root causes of performance problems
    • Intervene without causing resentment
    • Maintain open communication channels with the parties involved
    • Turn performance problems around
    • Conduct a formal disciplinary conference in case problems persist



    Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM PST

    San Diego Employers Association
    8799 Balboa Avenue, Suite 270, San Diego, CA 92123