How you might use this tool:

  • Looking for a job? Figure out what pay range you should target to support your household. 
  • Wage is one important component of how you might evaluate job quality; learn about other job quality considerations here.
  • Budgeting? Use this tool to get a sense for where you might be able to cut costs when money is tight. Are you paying more than average for groceries or housing? Call 211 San Diego if you want to explore reducing your costs in one of the basic expense areas.
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Additional resources:
A great way to increase your income is to improve your skills through education or training. Below are additional resources you can access virtually.

More about this tool:

  • Data in this tool comes from the Self-Sufficiency Standard for California. More info on the Self-Sufficiency Standard and how it is calculated can be found here.  
  • Note: While monthly and annual wage calculations align with the Self-Sufficiency Standard, the hourly wage needs in this calculator are slightly higher. This calculator assumes a 40-hour workweek when providing an hourly wage estimate, while the Self-Sufficiency Standard assumes more.

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