Need help paying for employee trainings? The San Diego Workforce Partnership has funds to design a worker training program on the topic(s) of your choice. Our training programs reimburse employers up to 50% of the cost associated with training new or current employees.  

Customized Training supports employers who want to train three or more people for the same job. Do you only need to hire one or two employees? On-the-Job Training is a better fit for you. Learn more about it

About Customized Trainings

Customized Trainings are business-driven—you decide who provides the training (e.g., external trainer, internal manager), the curriculum and which workers will be trained. Upon entering into a Customized Training agreement with the Workforce Partnership, you commit to hire or retain workers who successfully complete the training. New or current workers benefit by learning new skills and obtaining or retaining employment after successful training completion.    

How does it work for new hires?

  • Employer determines how many people to train and who conducts the training (i.e., internal or external training provider)  
  • Employers choose eligible participants. Pre-qualified candidates can be referred from the Workforce Partnership or we can screen your own candidates for eligibility 
  • Employer hires participants who complete a Customized Training for positions earning a self-sustainable wage ($20/hour) in San Diego County. Wages may not be less than the current industry standard.

How does it work for current workers? 

  • Employer determines how many current workers to train and who conducts the training (i.e., internal or external training provider)  
  • Training cohorts consist of three or more trainees and a majority (more than 50%) of the cohort must have been employed with the company for six months or longer  
  • Employer uses funds to upskill current workers into a new role or to avert layoffs with the introduction of a new or enhanced skillset  
  • Upskilling: Employer moves workers up their career ladder with a promotion in title, increase in wages and/or change from part-time to full-time work   
  • Layoff aversion: Employer retains trainees with their company, if the workers were otherwise at risk of being laid off without this upskilling  

When does my organization receive payment?

  • Employer receives reimbursement checks following each of the four training stages:
    1. Enrollment of trainees  
    2. Training midpoint
    3. End of training 
    4. Employment outcomes met (hiring or retaining the trainees) 
  • Reimbursable expenses include trainer salary, supplies, equipment, infrastructure and more. Participant wages and State-mandated training(s) (e.g., sexual harassment) will not be reimbursed. 

What documents are needed?

A business services representative will walk you through completion of the training agreement. That application will ask for the following information: 

  • Proof of workers’ compensation insurance including the policy number and effective dates 
  • Proof of public liability insurance 
  • Proof of property damage insurance 
  • Current W-9 
  • Statement of need for training 
  • Training program information, including the cost of services, supplies and equipment needed to complete the training 
  • Descriptions of positions to be filled or retained  
  • Recruitment plan of eligible participants 
  • Training provider’s information if training is conducted by a third-party trainer 

How do employers get started?

To request training funds, reach out to business engagement by emailing or calling (619) 404-HIRE (4473).