• As a joint powers authority, this board is a community partnership of the City and County of San Diego.
  • Members include two County Supervisors, two San Diego City Council members, and a representative of the United Way of San Diego.
  • Appoints members to, and receives recommendations from, the Workforce Development Board (WDB).
  • In collaboration with the WDB, decides on funding decisions and programmatic priority.
  • Determines workforce strategy, objectives and priorities based upon regional needs and impact.
  • Meetings are open to the public.

Board Chairs

Vice Chair — Barbara Bry — Councilmember, The City of San Diego
Chair — Chair — Kristin Gaspar — County Supervisor, The County of San Diego

Board Members

Scott Sherman — Councilmember, The City of San Diego
Jacob Richards — Finance Committee Chair, United Way of San Diego County
Ron Roberts — County Supervisor, The County of San Diego


Chris Ward — Councilmember, The City of San Diego
Greg Cox — County Supervisor, The County of San Diego
Lorie Zapf — Councilmember, The City of San Diego