Life Science Summer InstituteThe Life Sciences Summer Institute (LSSI) nourishes a passion for science and math in San Diego’s next generation of scientists.  

SDWP—in collaboration with BIOCOM and the Southern California Biotechnology Center (SCBC) at Miramar College—created LSSI in 2005 to strengthen science and math education in San Diego County and develop a future workforce for the region’s burgeoning life sciences industry. Today LSSI connects high school students and science teachers with leading San Diego life sciences companies through three programs: the LSSI High School Student Research Program, the Amgen Biotech Experience Teacher Program and the Introductory Life Sciences Experience (ILSE). 

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LSSI High School Student Research ProgramLSSI High School Student Research Program

Each year more than 300 high school students apply to LSSI for paid summer internship positions with San Diego’s world-renowned life sciences institutions.

Program details:

  • Weeklong “boot camp” covering topics like biotechnology laboratory skills, safety practices and soft skills
  • Mentorship by a scientist and exposure to real-life science practices
  • College credit for the bootcamp at both Grossmont and Miramar College
  • College prep units for their internship through UCSD Extension
  • Micro-badge credential from UCSD Extension upon internship completion

Summer 2016 results:

  • 53 internships
  • 15% continued working for the company where they interned
  • 515 students have participated to date

Amgen Biotech Experience Teacher Program

LSSI Teacher Program

The Amgen Biotech Experience Teacher Program provides a professional development program for science teachers, exposing them to a new biotechnology lab curriculum. Designed by Amgen scientists and educators, the program offers a solution to prepare more students with the STEM competencies necessary for careers in the modern workforce. At the end of the course, teachers are provided access to equipment and supplies necessary to implement the new curriculum in their classroom.

Program details:

  • 6-day program with half-day externships at life sciences companies
  • Training in career pathways
  • Collaboration with other science teachers
  • Access to loaner equipment and supplies through the SCBC at Miramar College

2016 summer results:

  • 13 teachers participated in 2016
  • 225 teachers have participated to date
  • 63,083 high school students impacted to date

Introductory Life Sciences ExperienceIntroductory Life Sciences Experience

ILSE is an exploratory program developed to gain more student interest in the life sciences industry. The BIOCOM Institute is our funded partner who coordinates the ILSE program. For more information, click here