Our Business Services Team can help you find quality candidates, set up interviews and complete the minimal paperwork associated with the following training and wage reimbursement programs:

On-the-Job-Training (OJT)

OJT helps businesses offset the cost of training new employees on the job by reimbursing up to 50 percent of a new hire’s wages (for a maximum of 1,040 hours).

Customized Training (CT)

CT reimburses employers up to 50 percent of the training costs associated with training new hires or existing employees. Employers determine the type and duration of the training.

Expanded Subsidized Employment (ESE)

ESE provides businesses with financial assistance for new hires. ESE can reimburse a company up to 100 percent of the wages of a new hire for six months.

Each program has different eligibility and training requirements that employers and participants must meet in order to qualify. Contact our Business Services Team at business@workforce.org to get started.