TechHire is a nationwide movement that aims to level the playing field for tech jobs. In collaboration with the City of Chula Vista, the San Diego Workforce Partnership is leading TechHire Chula Vista to match talent from the following fields with internship and/or employment opportunities:

  • Computer programming (e.g., coding, software development)
  • Network and support (e.g., IT systems, network administration, cyber security)
  • Multimedia and design (e.g., web design, graphic design, digital marketing)
  • Analytics (e.g., data analysis, business intelligence, database administration)
  • All other tech fields (e.g. robotics)

In addition to paid internships, TechHire Chula Vista provides:

  • A career coach who supports with resume building, interview preparation, career readiness assessment, and other employment resources
  • Career Portal with priority consideration
  • Exclusive access to TechHire hiring events and networking events

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Who It's For

  • Reside in the City of Chula Vista
  • Be age 18 or older
  • Have education and/or training in an ICT field
  • Come from a low- to moderate-income households OR a population that is underrepresented in San Diego’s tech sector
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Age Requirement:

This program offers help:

  • Finding a temporary job or internship
  • Finding a long-term job