Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) and Digital Media

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Technology is a part of nearly every part of our lives, so occupations in this sector vary from computer programming to IT support to cybersecurity to video game design. A career in ICT & digital media calls people to use their creativity to code the latest cutting-edge computer program, launch the newest top trending app or design the next iconic logo.

Why It’s Important to San Diego

San Diego County has deep and growing roots as a technology hub supported by our region’s research universities. Qualcomm, which is the world’s largest chipmaker, is based here. Similarly, San Diego is home to several video game studios like SIE San Diego, which creates MLB The Show games, and Rockstar San Diego, which led the creation of Red Dead Redemption.


People Employed


of all San Diego County jobs


Number of Businesses


  • Computer system design & programming
  • Data services
  • Graphic & web design
  • Hardware & computer facilities support
  • Software publishing

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Sector Job Growth 

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What Are the Largest Occupations in This Sector? 

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  • Software Developers, Applications: 5,218
  • Software Developers, Systems Software: 2,489
  • Computer Programmers: 2,414
  • Computer Systems Analysts: 2,248
  • Computer Occupations, All Other: 1,999
  • Sales Representatives, Services, All Other: 1,696
  • Computer User Support Specialists: 1,643
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers: 1,489
  • Web Developers: 1,124
  • General and Operations Managers: 880

How Do I Start My Career in ICT & Digital Media?

Do Some Research

  • Use Career Coach to explore which occupations align with your interests, get a behind-the-scenes peek at careers and discover local companies.
  • Look up the CompTIA Career Roadmap to explore job paths in IT.

Expand Your Network

  • Use social media tools like LinkedIn to network with professionals and request informational interviews to ask people about their career path, education and job responsibilities. Check out this video for help getting started. 
  • Explore the local tech-focused groups at and attend events

Get Hands-on Experience

Get Training

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Data source: Emsi Labor Market Analytics, 2020 –